Fakes and Dekes

Oct 20 Hockey Tip of The Day.

The Art of The Deke.

  • The Canadians abbreviated the word decoy, now it is called a deke.
  • Kind of like a celebration is now called a celly.
  • Dekes happen when you draw your opponent out of position.
  • Watch Towes the master Deker of The Chicago Blackhawks.
  • Often a change in speed and or direction is enough to get by your opponent, dekes involve puck protection along with that.
  • I teach two dekes at all Pro Ambitions Camps. If you master these you will use them. Takes practice to execute properly in a game situation.
  • Fakes are subtle. With your shoulders and hands or even a slight glance of the eye.
  • Dekes require a sequence of a few quick moves with the puck.
  • Skill and age appropriate fakes and dekes are some of the meat and potatoes of The Battle Camp.
  • Boston Bruins 2018 camp schedule is up.
  • Sale ends as always midnight on Halloween.

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