Everything in Hockey is a Skill

Everything in hockey is a skill which has a proper technique. Hockey skills:  Taught Learned Worked On Improved, Mastered. Even if you have mastered a particular hockey skill, players need to continuously practice the mastered skill to improve speed and accuracy. NHL players are continuously working on mastered skills for accuracy and speed.

The younger the youth player is introduced the proper techniques and begins learning and practicing the skills of hockey, the better. The Battle Camp is for every player from youths of age 6 and on up. As you grow in stature and IQ you will take more away from the curriculum annually.

Advice to youth players this season: Pick three hockey skills to work on more than any others over the course of the season. Commit to the three skills and practicing them most especially on top of your regime as a whole. Coaches will notice players that can perform specific skills with proficiency accuracy and speed.

Private lessons and or small group training are great ways to choose the skills to practice heavy on this season. Skill work needs to be worked on at home off the ice as well as on the ice.

All of our boarding hockey camps are intensives weeks for the ultimate summer hockey growth spurt. Serowik and our full time team of professional skill development coaches are at boarding camps. 

Prague / Finland Hockey Tournament Summer 2023

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