Don’t Be A Lazy Forward

Speaking to Forwards This Sunday Morning.

Do you want more ice time?

Do you want to be out there the last minute of the game?

  • Take pride in your defense.
  • Work just as hard in both ends.
  • Good defense creates offence.
  • Johnny Gaudreau and Kevin Hayes worked for me a couple of summers ago. They said their game at BC changed and took off as soon as they bought into playing a lot of heavy defense. I’m talking worked their asses off in the defensive zone most especially.
  • No shortcuts in Defense. This is for the forwards because D is their secondary job, sort of. You need to backcheck to create your own offense and help out your team. It will change the game. Significantly.
  • One of the hardest plays in hockey is when the D wraps the puck out around the wall on the breakout and the Winger has to stop the puck, absorb the hit and make a play. Way easier said then done.
  • We work on this play in The Battle Camp A LOT. I’m talking a lot. Mastering THIS SKILL will make you a franchise on your team. I teach this to the forwards over and over and over and over again. We master this play.
  • There are a lot of choices  that we will master in this winger’s most frequent and I believe most important game situation.
  • If not executed properly with proper choices. You will cause a turnover and ride the pine.
  • First option. Stop this wrap. Settle the puck with your stick or skate. Hit your center.
  • Second option. Settle the biscuit and skate with it. You might have time.
  • Third option. Flip pass out. To your center or to yourself. This is not going a great distance. You may skate up for your own flip pass.
  • Fourth option. Stop the puck. Aborb the hit by sticking your butt out and shielding the puck. Not the most fun option.
  • Fifth option. Passing it back to your D.
  • Sixth option. Eating the puck on the board. And waiting for your teammate to come help you. You are in a 50/50 battle holding that puck away from the other team.
  • Forwards. It is never ending. You need to skate hard all the way back. All the way forward. Over and over and over again.
  • Conditioning is KEY.
  • So obvious when forwards are being lazy and not helping out the D.
  • So obvious to scouts. So obvious to trained eyes MOST especially.
  • The Battle Camp.
  • Yah. Hockey is REALLY hard.

MR.ASSIST you know that bobbling wrap around you are trying to stop on the boards…Mr. Assist. The best off ice hockey training tool to use in the garage or basement to master giving receiving passes. Stick handling. Does not always come to you pretty. Just like during a game. Sometimes comes between your legs, on your backhand. This is the best stocking stuffer. Order now in time for Christmas.

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