Congratulations Team USA 2021 World Junior Champions from Pro Ambitions Hockey, Inc.

It is so hard to win a championship. From Mites to The NHL, I always say it. It takes a very special team of players, coaches, trainers, parents, families, video and tech support, office support, equipment support, and every volunteer and person behind the scenes. Every cog in the wheel goes into that championship win. Many years of sacrifice go into that championship win. Many missed playdates, parties, vacations, time spent with friends and family. Many early morning and late night practices, travel to far away tournaments, disappointments, highs, lows, private lessons, skill sessions, camps, practices, try outs, showcases, hours of practice on your own, financial commitments from family, ups and downs in your hockey path, twists and turns in your hockey path, great memories, great friends, great teammates, great mentors, great coaches,  time spent on the bench, time spent on the ice in those clutch last few seconds of a game, unselfish play, playing through injuries, playing through illness, watching and analyzing games, mental toughness, grit, determination, and heart. And to represent your country. Makes it even more special and prideful. Loved watching you guys sing the national anthem arm in arm. Awesome. Congratulations Team USA 2021 IIHF World Junior Champions!