Cerebral Skills

Oct 10 Tip: Cerebral Skills

  • Today’s tip is DO NOT MISS SKILLS.
  • We do skills for many youth organizations around Boston. The President of one of our skill organizations emailed us the other day. He said the A players never miss skills. They are improving significantly. Some B and C players come to skills sporadically and want to move up. They are not going to with that commitment because their skills will not improve.
  • You must train with professional skill coaches who break down each skill and teach it properly.
  • Above picture we have Coach Ty Henness, The Pittsburgh Penguins Skills Coach training our AAA campers at BU last summer. He will be back at AAA BU this summer several weeks.
  • Bottom right is our expert skill coach Marc Concannon aka “Chicken Parm” to those who know him from AAA BU and our skills around Boston. Marc is our On Ice Director.
  • Bottom right Coach Phil Bushbacher currently playing professionally in Europe, back with us every summer specializes in skating skills.
  • I coach every Sat and Sun Skills in Dedham. Small group training and have for over a decade. Sign up. Join me.
  • The game today is cerebral. We are going to teach you how to react to a puck that bounces off the boards in 15 different ways.
  • We are the experts. Not a dad or mom coach.
  • I hire experts to train my daughter in field hockey because I am not an expert in that sport.
  • She learned a very specific shot yesterday in a private lesson,  shooting specifically off her right foot to protect the ball from a defender.
  • The skills are cerebral because you must understand each skill and why we are teaching it a certain way to make you a better player.
  • Pros train with skill coaches. They too must continue to get better.
  • The advantage in today’s youth hockey arena is that kids are learning from the start how to play correctly during SKILL SESSIONS and at camps.

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