Body Language and Swagger

Oct 29 Tip: Body Language and Swagger

  • Your body language affects how you play
  • It is non verbal communication
  • It affects how coaches and other players see you as a player
  • It will affect YOUR OWN CONFIDENCE and dictate whether or not you have a good game or bad game
  • You can intimidate opponents with your body language
  • Walk in as a team
  • Stand up straight
  • Walk in with a team chant focused (Coaches start a tradition on how you walk in, will intimidate your opponents, even a subtle show of solidarity will shake them up)
  • Pump each other up
  • Don’t bang your stick if you make a mistake
  • Tap your neighbor on the bench when they get back to the bench
  • It is how you react to your mistakes that will set you a part
  • After a mistake immediately focus and get  back into your A frame  hockey stance
  • Butts out mug up and ready to go, don’t skip a beat
  • If you fall, no big deal, we all fall, NHL guys too, pop back up
  • Trying new things in practice, again, ok if you fall, in practice we want to push ourselves to try new things
  • Don’t bang your stick
  • Skate HARD on the backcheck just as hard as you do on the forecheck
  • Keep your head up after a bad shift on the bench
  • Skate hard back to the bench on a change up
  • Stay laser focused on the bench and on the ice
  • Don’t ever go through the motions
  • Head on a swivel
  • Keep your feet moving
  • Always
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