The Big Game or Try Out

Feb 4 Advice The Big Game or Try Out

  • The old cliche. ” Don’t reinvent the wheel”. Don’t do it. Eat dinner as normal, go to bed at your regular bed time, get up at your regular time, same old breakfast that works for you. Business as usual. Once during my pro career, the night before a final game, my coach decided to take the team to an army barracks for a night of team bonding. We all slept in one room in bunk beds, itchy wool blankets. None of us slept. We lost the game. Bad idea.
  • Don’t focus on the outcome. Focusing on the outcome can sabotage your performance. Focus on the process and the now. Don’t think about scoring a goal, winning, impressing a coach or scout, who will be watching. Focus on your job in the game and the try out. Read your LIST that I always talk about. Your repsonsibilities in the game as a forward, D or goalie.
  • Keep your self distracted in days or minutes before the big day. Watch a movie, listen to music, do homework, engage in conversation with friends family and teammates that are not about the game or try out. Don’t hyper focus on the big event. It will make you stressed. Learn to distract your mind. Parents can be good at helping with this on the car ride over. Ask your son or daughter what may be a good place for the next family vacation? Talk about something light hearted and fun. Talk about the summer and fun family plans. Change the subject of the big game or big try out.
  • Keep your focus during the game on the NOW. The next shift. When on the bench watch your teammates. Stay in the moment play by play and shift by shift. Focus on your job for the next shift.
  • Don’t try to do too much.
  • Play your game.
  • But REMEMBER to play up your strengths and play down your weaknesses. If you skating is your strength, skate like the wind. My strengths were my hard shot, quick skating, moving the puck hard passes and my physical game. Not stick handling and not trying to beat guys one on one. Play up your strengths. Those are what will help your team or help you make the team.
  • Tom Brady is not a runner. Don’t run the ball.
  • Throw it. Business as usual.
  • I was not the best stick handler.
  • If I tried to over handle the puck.
  • Things would go south in my own game.
  • Keep it simple.
  • Do your job.
  • Check your bag the night before. Parents get it in the car or by the door.
  • Get there early.
  • Don’t leave any room for error in rushing or causing any added stress.
  • You are prepared. Preparation takes away nervousness.
  • You did your job in the days and months prior to this big game or try out.
  • Be calm and confident.
  • Let the chips fall as they may.
  • You did your best.
  • Go Pats!!!!


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