Backhands through Self Exploration

  • Goalies do not like backhand shots because they are unpredictable.
  • The backhand is a disappearing art in youth hockey development.
  • That is a mistake because this shot must be learned.
  • This is a weapon of a shot.
  • Hard to get power on a backhand.
  • I use weighted pucks to work on backhands as one training stragegy.
  • When you switch to a regulation puck it goes in with a vengeance.
  • We work on backhands at all Battle Camps.
  • The best way to work on them is at home in the garage.
  • When I talk about self exploration I mean practicing on your own.
  • No coach. No tutor. Not at a skill session.
  • Try shooting 25 backhands standing on one foot off balance.
  • Shoot backhands from uncomfortable positions.
  • Backhands in general are uncomfortable.
  • That is why I love the Mr. Assist Stick handling Shooting and Passing Tool.
  • You can work on backhands.
  • Many shots made while using the Mr. Assist do not boomeragng back to you perfectly.
  • This is realistic practice because perfect passes are not the norm.
  • It will boomerang back through your legs.
  • To your forehand.
  • Then to your backhand.
  • Forcing you to shoot and stick handle on both your forehand and your backhand.
  • Use the tool. Your hands will improve.
  • I hear from kids all the time, especially regarding their backhand improvement through self exploration due to practicing with  Mr. Assist.
  • The Battle Camp, Defense with Jeff, AAA BU on Location Camps, European Micro Stickhandling Camps, Boston Bruins Battle Camps, AAA Girls Camp, Small Group Skills, Privates, Hockey East Camp at Providence College, Two hour on ice clinics, Half day and Full Day Options, Mr. Assist Stickhandling Camps, Proformance Skating at all Camps…all of this happening at locations in MA/NH and RI. The Summer Hockey Growth Spurt is on!

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