Activating the D in Offense

Oct 9 Tip: Activating the D in Offense

  • In youth hockey, Defensemen have a huge offensive opportunity
  • Pro Ambitions loves training youth D and the forwards how to activate the D offensively
  • When we see a defenseman who can skate and handle the puck, we want that player in the offense
  • When I played I was an offensive defenseman, my D curriculum at our D camps has a lot of offense for the D
  • Quick transitions and quick assessments of the play is where the D need to jump into scoring opportunities
  • When you have a defenseman joining the rush, you have an open teammate
  • The mindset of the D shooting from the point is NOT NECESSARILY TO SCORE BUT to get the puck into the scoring area so that THE FORWARDS can score.
  • The D are seldom shooting to score. D should think of themselves as ” Mr. Assist” get that puck to your forwards from the blue line. Shoot low from the blue line and not too hard so the puck stays in the scoring area for rebounds and tip ins. Forwards be ready for tip ins.
  • Stagger one of the  D up a little farther into the offensive zone when you have a 2 on 2 or 3 on 2 situation
  • Offensive Defenseman think of yourself as ” Mr. Assist” note I named my hockey training tool Mr. Assist and it is part of our curriculum. Use the tool at home, work on your hands, passing and shooting
  • We encourage Forwards to sign up for D Camps, it is an advantage to see how D are being trained and vise versa.
  • Sale is on through midnight Halloween. 15% off sale code flashing on website. This is the time of year for the serious player to sign up for multiple weeks of training, AAA BU camps and One V One personal coaching.
  • Tomorrow the Tip is from the BU Mens Ice Hockey Coaches…
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