A Reminder From Jeff to Parents to Celebrate The Milestones Small and Big

Congratulations to our daughter Pia Serowik

A reminder for parents to celebrate their players milestones both small and big. The years and countless hours behind that first NCAA regular season goal that happened at Boston College yesterday are immeasurable and invaluable to me as a Dad and Coach.

Every parent and player I am sure can relate. Highs lows disappointments tears of joy and pain car rides flights team parties tournaments private lessons camps commitments de commitments changing of club teams for one reason or another.

Great job to my little buddy who never wants to miss a game to watch with me, always asking to go shoot in the basement or barn and practice together. I use my hockey stick she uses her field hockey stick. It’s Hockey!

Pro Ambitions is a youth hockey development company. Celebrating thirty amazing years. We are here to help by training and getting each player to their Pro Ambitions whatever that may be. Every player and family is unique and has their own goals. We have alumni who are NHL All Stars, D1, D3, Prep, High School Hockey and JV. We are the experts in methodically training the youth of The Nation in all skill development. Trademarked curriculums and proud partners of Hockey East The Boston Bruins Bauer Gatorade and Dunkin Donuts. Ages 5-18

Annual sale 2024 website and program launch October 1 through Midnight Halloween. As always we send out a tip of the day for the month.

Book a call or email Coach Henry to discuss making a training plan for your player.
Set Goals, write them down for the season, little goals and benchmarks to work towards and meet then proceed moving a little closer to that large end goal that is years in the making. Set small attainable realistic goals for each practice.






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