Pro Ambitions Hockey competed in the Czech Hockey Challenge Cup (CHCC) for the second time this past August. The competition was excellent and included teams from Russia, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Latvia, Sweden, France and Canada. We are excited to return this summer with six Pro Ambitions Seal Teams.

The 2019 CHCC will take place from August 4-August 11 in Prague, Czech Republic and will consist of one exhibition game before the tournament begins as well as five guaranteed games (15 minute stop time periods). Pro Ambitions will be fielding teams at the 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, and 2009/10 levels for this year’s tournament.

In addition to the hockey, all players, parents and guests participate in several scheduled events and sightseeing tours throughout the beautiful city of Prague. The official Tournament Party is one of the highlights of the trip and includes a catered dinner and refreshments capped off with a phenomenal fireworks display. A tour of a Crystal Factory and a Dinner Cruise on the Vltava River gives everyone an opportunity to enjoy the culture of the Czech Republic.

There is ample time every day for anyone who wants to shop or sightsee on their own. Two meals are included daily and games are normally completed no later than 5:00pm which leaves plenty of time every day to enjoy Prague with your family and friends.



2019 Pro Ambitions Team Tours To The Czech Hockey Challenge Cup

Prague, Czech Republic August 4 – August 11

The Pro Ambitions package includes all of the above plus airfare from Boston and accommodations. All rooms are Double Occupancy and any special rooms requirements can normally be fulfilled upon request.

The cost for this tournament is $3,699 per person attending (players or family members). Players will receive two jerseys and socks. A 50% deposit is due at registration and the balance is due March 1, 2019.  Due to flights and hotels being paid in advance, any cancellation after March 1st is non refundable. If the cancellation is before March 1st you may be refunded but will be charged a $300 cancelation fee per participant.

2019 Pro Ambitions Seal Team 2004’s
Prague-Czech Hockey Challenge Cup- 04 Parent/Guest Sign-Up
Prague-Czech Hockey Challenge Cup- 04 Player Sign-Up

2019 Pro Ambitions Seal Team 2005’s

Prague-Czech Hockey Challenge Cup- 05 Parent/Guest Sign-Up
Prague-Czech Hockey Challenge Cup- 05 Player Sign-Up

2019 Pro Ambitions Seal Team 2006’s

Prague-Czech Hockey Challenge Cup- 06 Parent/Guest Sign-Up
Prague-Czech Hockey Challenge Cup- 06 Player Sign-Up

2019 Pro Ambitions Seal Team 2007’s

Prague-Czech Hockey Challenge Cup- 07 Parent/Guest Sign-Up
Prague-Czech Hockey Challenge Cup- 07 Player Sign-Up

2019 Pro Ambitions Seal Team 2008’s

Prague-Czech Hockey Challenge Cup- 08 Parent/Guest Sign-Up
Prague-Czech Hockey Challenge Cup- 08 Player SignUp

2019 Pro Ambitions Seal Team 2009/2010’s

Prague-Czech Hockey Challenge Cup- 09/10 Parent/Guest Sign-Up
Prague-Czech Hockey Challenge Cup- 09/10 Player Sign-Up

Please contact Bob O’Connell ( for any questions pertaining to the tournament or special requests you may have for your family.

Itinerary: Click here to see the itinerary


Q and A
Very helpful information about the Tourney and Experience…

  • How do I sign up to play for one of your teams?

You email Bob O’Connell our European GM TODAY. He will walk you through every step of the process from initial phone call to returning back to the USA. Bob will come watch one of your child’s games if you live in driving distance to the Boston area. If not he will have you send in a game clip tape to watch to make sure your player is a good fit for our teams. This is a AAA tournament. Many players who may have not been ready last year, will be ready this fall.

  • Who will we be playing?

Teams from all over Europe. Russia, Sweden, United Kingdom, Ireland, Latvia, The Czech Republic and more.

  • Can my son or daughter attend without a parent?

No. Each player must have one parent or guardian accompany them. Most players last summer brought their entire family. We welcome that and plan for all of them.

  • Where will we stay?

All of our teams will stay together at The Hilton Prague. Located right on the river. Last year we realized which hotel would be best for our group. We as Americans want a full American breakfast, strong air conditioned rooms, ICE in our drinks are a few things to name a few that were a challenge at the historic hotel we chose last year. We know everyone will love The Hilton Prague.

  • Who coaches our teams?

We have professional coaches. Jeff Serowik, Founder of Pro Ambitions will be coaching a team again this year. Billy Jaffe, NHL analyst, will be coaching a team for the third year in a row. Matt Nee, The Red Bull German Youth Coach Development Team Coach will be back, Big Mike and more. You have a very personal experience with your coach and team. Each team has its own schedule of games and practices and excursions. Each team has their own coach bus and personal tour guide for the week. There are many times we convene as a group, especially “ happy hour” in the hotel daily with all of the parents…

  • The week is carefully well planned. How does it work?

Every team has a detailed daily schedule. It is extremely organized. Every team will have a daily game. We utilize three different rinks around Prague. Each team will have an excursion and game daily, again at different times. Breakfast and Happy Hour in the late afternoon is a time when you will see parents and coaches and players and parents from all of the teams back at the hotel but during the day each team was off in a different direction with their parent or family.

  • What are the excursions in Prague?

-Dinner and cocktail river cruise. This is awesome.
-Terezin Holocaust Concentration camp. Theresienstadt concentration camp, also referred to asTheresienstadt ghetto, was a concentration camp established by the SS during World War II in the garrison cityof Terezín (German: Theresienstadt), located in German-occupied Czechoslovakia. This is a very moving experience.
-Glass blowing factory outside of Prague.
-Private guided city walking tour. The city is absolutely beautiful
-The John Lennon Wall
-Celebration Dinner Party Gala for all teams from all over the world with the most incredible fireworks. This took place at our hotel last summer, where it will take place again. In the historic courtyard of the hotel. It is an amazing display of fireworks and celebration. We, as Americans, were in shock at the magnitude of the fireworks in a small space. Something that would never be allowed her in The States.

  • What are the excursions in Prague?

Yes. Plenty of time to go out on your own to dinner. Now that we are staying at The Hilton. You are in the heart of the old world city. Walking to beautiful restaurant and cafes. Amazing location. You will love it. Also you will find that your dollar goes very far in The Czech Republic which is refreshing. Beers and Beer Gardens everywhere. We only have two dinners planned as a group. A few lunches. And breakfasts daily. You will enjoy exploring the beautiful city on your own or with teammates and families. You will make a lot of new friends.

  • Meeting your new teammates from across The Nation. How is this experience?

It was amazing. You have met friends both players and parents for life. Hockey people are great people. Many of our kids from last summer want to come back with the same exact team to compete again. It was awesome. The kids and parents were THE BEST.

  • How is the competition?

High level. As we have said before some of the teams are incredibly skilled. A few of our teams lost to Russian and Czech teams with scores of 22-3 and 12-2. Although this was a horrible beating, players, families and coaches were amazed by the skill and organization of their hockey systems. The style of hockey is very different in Europe. We epitomize American grit. The Europeans play with more finesse and focus on technicality of finite hockey skills. We have hired the Russian and Czech coach along with Sweden’s top youth hockey skill developer to train our American players next spring and summer at three locations. Italy Sweden and Prague. This is a different experience, focusing on individual training.

  • Will this make me a better hockey player?

100 percent Yes. This experience is culturally and athletically an eye opener.

  • What is the uniform for tournament play?

Included is a game and practice jersey. Custom Bauer. Custom Bauer Tournament tees and jackets and baseball hats as well. We must look good to play good. We make our presence known. The Americans are here to compete with our flag on our jerseys. Awesome.


My son, who is a 2004 Goalie and I attended the 2016 Czech Challenge Cup in Prague in August. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity. ProAmbitions did a tremendous job coordinating all the transportation, meals and sightseeing. The hockey experience was amazing. It was great for our USA kids to witness international hockey. The hockey community in the Czech Republic was very cordial and made our visit very enjoyable. I would recommend the trip

Steve Sullivan and (Alec Sullivan) Reading, Massachusetts


Steven R. Sullivan

The Pro Ambitions Prague trip was the perfect balance of hockey and international travel. The competition was great, families were amazing and seeing a new European city was a lifetime experience. It was a trip my family will never forget. Thank you for including us!

Thanks Pro Ambitions

The Madden Family!

Thanks so much for taking all of them! Best tournament for meeting great kids and people!!! Hope to watch our kids play together again!!


The Dunnes had a terrific experience, and good luck to all the boys with their upcoming seasons.

Warm regards to all,

Chris & Kelly Dunne


Thank you so much for giving Indiana an experience he will cherish the rest of his life.
He made lifelong friends on the trip and I did as well.
It was great hockey and every game we had was competitive- which is all you can ask for.
Indy and I really enjoyed meeting your amazing wife and daughter and wish her the best of luck at Harvard.
Indy is friends with her on all social media and will be keeping a close eye on her and cheering her on!
ALL the Best until our next great adventure.

Melanie and Indy

Hi All,

It was greeting meeting everyone. Casey had a great time. I posted about 150 pictures up on my website. You can find them at 85× under the Spring Hockey tab. Feel free to download and share however you like.

Hope to run into you again


No doubt Zach and I had an absolute blast. I called Zach’s group the Posse. The boys jelled so well they had a ball walking together to the pizza place and probably knows that hotel from rooftop to basement. Testosterone kicked in at these games. Confidence was there but we obviously were also playing against referees. One game had if I am not mistaken almost or over 21 minutes total in penalties for the game. Zack loved all the penalty kills he skated. Zach says the boys plan to reunite for next summer. I told him it is up to the parents.
On that thought, count the Cestero’s in for Sweden and Prague maybe even Italy. This time wife Milli has to come.



Just wanted to put in writing and let you know Dominik and I had a great time with Pro Ambitions in Prague. Your PA team and event planners were super with the weeks events and Darina did a fantastic job meeting and following up with everyone.
Especially want to let you know that our coach, Matt Nee was amazing the whole trip and really made our experience both on and off the ice a memorable one. From him running our two practices seamlessly after just arriving and incessantly ‘coaching’ our boys from the bench it was a great hockey experience. Even more importantly, I witnessed Matt bonding with each and every kid on our ’07 team off the ice; not picking any favorites in the short time we had together – which after experiencing dozens of coaches I can say is a rare thing. Even with his wife and new baby there, Matt went out of his way to always be with the team for everything and every ride. I think I can speak for our entire ’07 families in that Pro Ambitions has a great asset in Coach Matt.

Best Regards,

Darren Braude

Hi Jeff,

We had an amazing time in Prague and couldn’t have imagined having a better coach than Matt! Thank you so much for the opportunity for Evan to play on the 07 Seal Team!! We are very interested in the Italy opportunity in April!
We look for to additional communication!

Thank you again – we couldn’t have imagined a better experience!!

Barbara Noble

Jeff and ProAmbitions Prague team

I wanted to thank you for a truly wonderful weak. As you stated we had some challenges that we had to overcome. We were one of the families that got their equipment on Tuesday as it arrived during the 1st period of our first game. Your wife, Dairine and your team behind the scenes went above and beyond to assist us in getting his equipment back. My wife Ami and I can’t thank everyone enough!
With that said, I think that losing the equipment for two days, helped our team create a tighter bond. Everyone on our team and families on other teams immediately started offering up extra equipment. Next thing I knew we had skates, elbow pads, shoulder pads, pants and a stick. If I had to purchase equipment it would have been very limited due to the generosity of everyone on the trip. Ultimately we did not as Dairine came flying up to the rink and the crisis was averted.
Brett has been speaking non-stop with his Prague teammates since getting back and not only do they want to play in another overseas tournament together they want to attend an overnight camp together. A unique bond for life. Having Billy as a coach was a real treat as the boys loved playing for him. We had a trip of a trip of a lifetime and it was directly related to all the little things you and your staff did!


Chris, Ami, Anna and Brett Edgren

Good Morning!

I just wanted to tell you our family had an amazing time last week. Not only was the city beautiful, but the hockey was great. Brendan loved every minute on ice and we discovered that our forward might just be a natural born defenseman— knew there was a reason we still send him to your defense camp every summer as a forward.
We enjoyed our time so much, that Brendan is already talking about getting his buddies to come along next summer.
Mike was a great coach. Brendan liked him so much that when I just mentioned he’d be coaching an 06 team in Italy, he asked if he could play down again— so if 05’s are allowed, count him in … as a D 🙂


Hillary Morrissy

Jeff ,

Just wanted to tell you how much fun the Boys had in Prague playing hockey and making new friends. It was a family experience we will never forget !
The hockey was awesome and I think the European style was very important for them to get to play and experience first hand . Maura and I also made a lot of new friends including your Wife and daughter!
If you get a 03 & 05 team together for Italy next summer count the Casey’s in ! Hope to see you at the club sometime soon .

Very Best ,


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