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The Shot Doctor

This curriculum is about creating offense and scoring goals. Our tacticians will break down the fundamentals of technique of shots and passes and apply them in game situational battles with game theory and strategies incorporated. This camp is not for the beginner, recommended for AAA players.

Recently, Jeff Serowik published an article on One Timers which can be found on the media page. The One timer is a shot to be developed after the slap shot and snap shot have been mastered. The saucer pass is a pass or shot that is integral in a player’s success in games as they progress in the sport. These are but two shots or passes to be covered. See below for complete list. A lot is covered at this camp and the pace is fast in order to move through the extensive curriculum.

• 37.5 hrs hockey specific training
• 5:1 player to staff ratio
• 4 hours on ice daily training sessions
• one week of Pro Ambitions Camp=3 months season practice
• emailed extensive player evaluation after camp
• after camp care & hockey homework on Pro Ambitons APP
• official Bauer practice jersey
• achieving your summer hockey growth spurt


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Wrist, slap, snap, back hands, flip and one timers.
Deception of release.
Quick shot release.
Shooting off angles.
Shooting off your front foot.
Shooting in tight.
Shooting off pass.
Goaltenders postioning.
Puck protection.
Passing. Forward,backhand,Saucer, drop.

Mr. Assist will be used at all Shot Doctor camps and included in the price of the camp. An integral shooting, passing, stick handling tool to be used on and off the ice. Shot Doctor coaches will give campers a complete hockey homework curriculum to take home after camp using the Mr. Assist training tool.


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