Stickhandling Hockey Camp


Stick handling Hockey Camp


Stick Handling Hockey Camp

Mr. Assist Hockey Camps will be three day intensive camps that consist of two hours of on ice training. Our hockey camp is a progression based stick handling/passing curriculum, that goes through all of the proper fundamentals to improve your players stick handling/passing abilities dramatically. These will be small groups 20 player max, so your players will have a ton of reps in the two days. We will work full ice, small area making sure all drills are related to hockey game situational play. Our 50 minute off ice hockey training following the on ice session will reemphasize the on ice training, while using the Mr. Assist off ice tool for catching/receiving passes. Our hockey camp will be both fun as well as a challenge, having players leave with numerous new aspects to improve their hockey game.

Focuses in our hockey camps will be:

  • Soft Hands
  • Beating opponents 1v1
  • Improved puck control/protection
  • Hands off Body
  • Giving/receiving passes
  • Posture
  • Bottom hand movement/control
  • Weight distribution
  • Eyes up/neck tucked
  • Body/foot deception with puck

Stick Handling Hockey Camp is for Ages 6-17