European Micro Stick Hockey Skills

European Micro Stick Hockey Skills is a very unique curriculum. We do not call it stick handling for a reason. It is a European approach to training your hands that entails the development of finite motor skills. Your son or daughter’s arms and hands will ache after each day at hockey camp. We are training finite muscles and your nervous system’s quick twitch muscles. We have our best hockey stick handling head coach heading up this curriculum. He has been coaching hockey for ten years. He studies skill development and is a master technician and teacher. In addition to his stick and skating skills, like all Pro Ambitions hockey camps there is a shooting and battling aspect to this curriculum. Shooting techniques work on developing a player’s body, before improving their shot. A focus on the breakdown of the fundamentals of shooting, emphasizing technique rather than strength.

For skill development at any level, a player must be pressured and practice at game speed. Adding a battle aspect to this program allows campers to apply teachings in game situations. This will help maximize the development of any player, at any level during hockey training. There will be a lot of training equipment on the ice. Some we have purchased and some we have custom made for our curriculum. These drills will begin by slowing things down and working on upper body and lower body placement, core and hand strength. Every hockey drill requires skill, power and balance. This is another facet of skill development at Pro Ambitions Hockey, Inc.

We are now not only training the youth of the nation, but also the youth of Canada and Europe. Marc trained the youth of Europe at our camps in Voldermarkt , Austria, Bad Tolez, Germany and will be looking forward to traveling across the nation and Europe with his unique and game changing techniques of stick and skill development. Marc has picked up tips from our European partners and in turn shared some of our battle acumen. The purpose of this Patent Pending program is to give you an understanding and confidence to elevate your hockey stick skills through drills using mental awareness and fine motor skills that will enhance your play. Hands, shooting and stick battles are something completely new. These drills will work on your puck skills and arm/core strength while reaching and using your skills outside of your comfort zone. We will do top hand stick drills. Skill & strength incorporated = skill, power, balance.

I call this nut & bolts training which you don’t have time to do during your regular practice. The decision making training helps the player handle pressure of competition by incorporating in practice training methods that simulate more accurately what happens in game. Decision training is used in small area and full ice games and the player is given the opportunity to develop attention, anticipation, problem solving and other mental and physical skills to perform at a higher level. This hockey curriculum has been specifically requested by prep schools in the Boston area where we have trained the boys and girls Varsity teams for an entire season. Specifically requesting our Coach Marc Concannon.

Frequently Asked Questions

What age/skill are our camps for?
6- 17 years old for ALL camps (Players are grouped by age and ability)

What does a typical full – day camp itinerary look like?
*Camps vary, however you can view a sample itinerary

What is Battle Camp?
Battle camp is for forwards and defense. While this is labeled a battle camp, it also encompasses an abundance of edgework, speed, agility, shooting, stick handling and game situational play. You will leave faster, smarter, stronger.
We specialize in every drill being fast-paced and ending with a second 1-1 battle.

Have more questions? Schedule a meeting with a Pro Ambitions Coach.

• 37.5 hrs hockey specific training
• 5:1 player to staff ratio
• 4 hours on ice daily training sessions
• one week of Pro Ambitions Camp = 3 months season practice
• emailed extensive player evaluation after camp
• after camp care & hockey homework on Pro Ambitions APP
• official Bauer practice jersey
• achieving your summer hockey growth spurt

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