2018 Pro Ambitions Team Tours To The Czech Hockey Challenge Cup

Prague, Czech Republic August 4 – August 12

Pro Ambitions Hockey competed in the Czech Hockey Challenge Cup (CHCC) for the first time this past August. The competition was excellent and included teams from Russia, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Canada. We are excited to return this summer with three Pro Ambitions Seal Teams including our 2004 team coached by NHL Network Analyst and Michigan Alum Billy Jaffe and our 2006 and 2007 teams coaches by Pro Ambitions Founder Jeff Serowik.

The 2018 CHCC will take place from August 4-August 12 in Prague, Czech Republic and will consist of one exhibition game before the tournament begins as well as five guaranteed games (15 minute stop time periods). Pro Ambitions will be fielding teams at the 2004, 2006 and 2007 levels for this year’s tournament.

In addition to the hockey, all players, parents and guests participate in several scheduled events and sightseeing tours throughout the beautiful city of Prague. The official Tournament Party is one of the highlights of the trip and includes a catered dinner and refreshments capped off with a phenomenal fireworks display. A tour of a Crystal Factory and a Dinner Cruise on the Vltava River gives everyone an opportunity to enjoy the culture of the Czech Republic.

There is ample time every day for anyone who wants to shop or sightsee on their own. Two meals are included daily and games are normally completed no later than 5:00pm which leaves plenty of time every day to enjoy Prague with your family and friends.


The Pro Ambitions package includes all of the above plus airfare from Boston and accommodations at the beautiful International Prague Hotel (www.internationalprague.cz). All rooms are Double Occupancy and any special rooms requirements can normally be fulfilled upon request.

The cost for players is $2,995 each and parents/guest $2,895. Players will receive two jerseys and socks and parents/guests will receive a Pro Ambitions Jacket. A 50% deposit is due April 1, 2017 and the balance is due May 1, 2018. Any player, parent, guest who sends their 50% deposit by December 15, 2017 will receive a $200 discount.





2018 Pro Ambitions Seal Team 2004’s – Coached by NHL Network Analyst and Michigan Alumni Billy Jaffe
Prague-Czech Hockey Challenge Cup- 04 Parent/Guest Sign-Up
Prague-Czech Hockey Challenge Cup- 04 Player Sign-Up

2018 Pro Ambitions Seal Team 2006’s – Coached by Jeff Serowik

Prague-Czech Hockey Challenge Cup- 06 Parent/Guest Sign-Up
Prague-Czech Hockey Challenge Cup- 06 Player Sign-Up

2018 Pro Ambitions Seal Team 2007’s – Coached by Marc Concannon

Prague-Czech Hockey Challenge Cup- 07 Parent/Guest Sign-Up
Prague-Czech Hockey Challenge Cup- 07 Player Sign-Up

Please contact Bob O’Connell (bob@proambitions.com) for any questions pertaining to the tournament or special requests you may have for your family.

Itinerary: Click here to see the itinerary


My son, who is a 2004 Goalie and I attended the 2016 Czech Challenge Cup in Prague in August. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity. ProAmbitions did a tremendous job coordinating all the transportation, meals and sightseeing. The hockey experience was amazing. It was great for our USA kids to witness international hockey. The hockey community in the Czech Republic was very cordial and made our visit very enjoyable. I would recommend the trip

Steve Sullivan and (Alec Sullivan) Reading, Massachusetts


Steven R. Sullivan

The Pro Ambitions Prague trip was the perfect balance of hockey and international travel. The competition was great, families were amazing and seeing a new European city was a lifetime experience. It was a trip my family will never forget. Thank you for including us!

Thanks Pro Ambitions

The Madden Family!